June 4, 2017

All the Angels Come - Second Edition is now online.

A richer, online reading experience. This edition includes updates to the original novel, better navigation, a clickable table of contents and more sections, including reviews, galleries, the theatrical version and much more. 

Just dive in and enjoy! Click on the Blue Jays. They'll help you get around.

You'll see :)

March 17, 2017

Coming in 2018 - Forty Floors

“I’m  done. Way tired of this corner. If there is life after death, I’d rather be there. Anybody that wants to bounce out of here with me reply by pvt msg.”  - Jenny A.

Danny rubs his eyes and rereads the post squinting in the glare beaming off his phone. He shades it with his palm and reads it again. Pedestrians are pissed while he stands on the hot sidewalk obstructing their path. “Jenny,” he thinks. He enters the coffee shop. The place is full, so he sits at a stranger's table without asking. The stranger glares. Danny glares back like he has nothing to lose. The stranger darts out the door, leaving his coffee and art magazine. Danny reads the post once again. “Bounce out,” he thinks and begins thumb typing his reply with his left hand, sipping the...

March 16, 2017

All the Angels Come - Part  IV will be released in June. I'm working steadily and enjoying every minute. Since we did the theatrical version, I was moved to make some decisions on the direction the novel would take. Hence Parts 1-3 will be re-released as a second edition. Gauging from the reaction and feedback from the audience and our readers, I understand what it is about the characters that moves and inspires. Thank you so much for your reviews, participation, comments and suggestions. I am beyond thankful. Click here for more info.

Also have a new short coming out in June called Forty Floors. The idea for that one fell out of the sky. Pun intended. More on that later!

Love Always, Jim

Masuyo, artwork by Marcus Williams

December 10, 2016

Apo Helios first appeared in two parts in ARBUS Magazine in the December 2015 and January 2016 issues. You might call it a spin off or future history of All the Angels Come. It is now available in full here. It is mobile friendly and fully illustrated. READ IT HERE

Thanks and gratitude to the following artists that contributed to the story...

Etchings by Mila Furstova. Artist and designer for Coldplay’s Ghost Stories album and her new exhibition, “Motherhood”. Learn more at

Title illustration by Christina Boykin, Photography and other illustrations: Jim Alabiso

Original title photo by John Jay, and model, Dori Davis.

For Michael G., Kristin K., Willis, Christina B., Barbara

C., Tim F., John J., Beth S., and you.


June 9, 2016

All the Angels Come can now be read in two new formats.

Page turner like a book


Read as a PDF (my fave)

The web version is still available here and is mobile friendly!

Cover image by Get'em Tiger and artist MWill.

May 28, 2016

"The city is ripe for an epic fairy tale," Sherry Carter Garbarini


All the Angels Come speaks to the curse of stereotyping, the value of the individual and the blessings of diversity. The cast of characters are all but typical yet carry values that are universal. In the spirit of anthropologist Adolf Bastian’s psychic unity, the angels are better when they are together, a metaphor for all of us."


All the Angels will change you. It is an unforgettable immersive serial novel that places the reader smack in the soul of each character. “I have to say that the chapters that I have read have inspired me to pick up some watermelon at the store, give money to that homeless woman by the riverside when she asked me.” (Sarah Stuart Clarke, writer) Read it to learn why!


"The writing is a character in...

March 30, 2016

"The city is ripe for an epic fairy tale," Sherry Carter Garbarini


Please welcome our new sponsor, Spice and the Po Boys and their new release "Soul to Soul" coming May 1st!


Chapter 14 - Quartet

Willis, Ricardo, Masuyo and Jay take a stand.


“So either of you officers ID the bag lady and the other food stamp junkies?” one hand on his hip the other waving his palm across the scene.



"The writing is a character in and of itself."


"I tripped and fell down this hole, enjoying every word on the way. thank you."


"An amalgram of ideas and locations and people and regrets...beautiful writing, high on impact."


Read it Here


All the Angels Come is a Writing Out Loud online book series.


On location in Jacksonville, Florida













January 6, 2016

"The city is ripe for an epic fairy tale," Sherry Carter Garbarini


All the Angels Come 


On the corner, in the parks, asleep on the sidewalks, walking the beaches. They say things. They talk to themselves. We give them a label. When they are together, they learn that the thoughts they have carried all these years dovetail into something that will change the city and possibly the world.


Read it Here


"The writing is a character in and of itself."


"I tripped and fell down this hole, enjoying every word on the way. thank you."


"I plan on doing more reading tonight. The few chapters that I have read have inspired me to 1.) pick up some watermelon at the store and 2.) give money to the woman in Riverside when she asked me."


"Engaging reading! Immersive! Just like water, the words draw me in, prop...

January 2, 2016

The healing power of water is not a metaphysical phenomenon. It is physical and measurable by fMRI. Immersing oneself in water can be thought of as a reboot. There is no better way to experience “the moment” than to be in water. Try it. The five senses are surrounded; the stress switch turned off, and you become present. Even a minute of being present has the power to heal. Water spills over with of metaphors. One that doubles as literal, is that we are all connected by water. The amount of water on the planet is finite. The earth doesn’t grow more H2O, nor does it go away. We all drink, and pollute the same water. All water touches all water. From the sea, to lakes, streams, and from the clouds over thousands of miles around the globe. We all touch through the water. Mindful reader, you a...

December 4, 2015

Received some great emails about LEAPS and Bounds. Ty. The phrase comes from a larger piece I haven’t published yet. The snippet is now on the front page. Leaps happen while I'm daydreaming and the hours stretch for miles. When I stop thinking. Nature illustrates as she takes fearless leaps every moment, and with that example, my heart strives to do the same.


So what gives here. Frankly, it’s been a scary drive, with very little self confidence in the tank. Yet there is all this stuff in this full head that I haven’t been brave enough to open. Paper folders, stacked, digital folders, “stacked”. Sitting in the digital dark because I’m afraid. Afraid of being judged, opinions, loss of self-worth.


Somewhere in the last decade, can’t place the “epiphany”, my head shifted, f...

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just add water

Daydreams and bootlegged hours.
Tall grass and blooming flowers.
This heart with all its power,

leaps and bounds.

The Hollow Body
Sometimes a string must tense for the note.
The new serial novel by Jim Alabiso

An epic fairytale in the River City

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