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Here are some selections from my body of work.

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The works here are free. Donations are accepted and given to those in need! 

If you are one the many people are out of work or struggling, please just enjoy!


Comments always welcome.

Thank you!

Cultural Council
Short Story
Tonight! with Jim
Video Interview
Ten Questions from the Cultural Council about what makes me tick.
The book that turned into a play and a ballet. A masterful collaboration of Jax's best!
A short story that appeared in Arbus Magazine. A story about how we save each other. 
My interview with Melissa on Tonight! Way too much fun :)
A great interview with Chris Thomas on Tonight!.
Yes, I was scared. Episode 1, first monologue and said some tough things.
My interview with the woman that inspired The Beatles song Dear Prudence.
New Serial Novel!
Arbus Interview
My interview with Coldplay Ghost Stories album artist. She has a great story to tell.
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Thank you!

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