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Angels, Inspirers, and Supporters



Jay for Jay

Willis for Willis

Yumsun for Masuyo

Michael Glinski and Diego De Los Rios for Ricardo “The Rock” De Los Rios


Inspirers & Supporters

The Other Man on the Beach – “You are part of the water system.”

Joni Roberts and Skye the Cat for Skye

 Sharon for Sharon Holmquist

Kiley Carter for Kiley, Joe Shuck for Joe, and Hope McMath for Hope.


Louise, Louis, Alex, Sam, Kenneth, and James Alabiso.


Cinda Sherman, Barbara Colaciello, Celeste Krueger, Mila Furstova, Richard Borders, Diego De Los Rios, Christina Boykin, Monica Toups, Nick Thompson, Roxanne Henkle, Becka Gruber, Tim Gilmore, Tangela Floyd, Melissa Ross, Kerry Speckman, Judy Peek, Mike Bernos, Tami Blaylock, and Zack Burnett for your support and contributions to the project.

Sherry Carter Garbarini, Caryl Butterley, Jeffrey Spear, Tiffany Manning, Kate Stewart, Jeff Smith, David Gowan, Mary Menard, Chris Bleau, Eric Yarham, Ed Malesky, Heather Paige Blew, Summer Van Mun, Claire Joelle Cimino, Laura Bennett, and Lynn Kubasek for your feedback and encouragement.




Supporting Organizations

Arbus Magazine for taking the chance.

Players by the Sea

Cultural Fusion Jacksonville

First Coast Connect, First Coast Magazine, EU Magazine, Folio Weekly, and Resident News.

 JaxByJax, Bab’s Lab, and Bold City Contemporary Ensemble.

Snap Fitness, Changing Homelessness, Spice and the Po Boys, Spaz House,

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, Vagabond Coffee, and Get Em’ Tiger.


The Play

You lifted the Angels off the pages and moved the hearts of many.

Joe Schwarz, Producer

Barbara Colaciello, Director

Bojana Kragulj, Music Design

Jereme Raicket, Lighting Design & Production Manager

MWill aka artist Marcus Williams, Artist

Chip Southworth, Artist, Blue Bridge

Akisha McBurnie, Artist, Blue Jays


Mal Jones, Jennii Tran, Nick D’Castro, Ashley Yarham, Karen Overstreet with  

Al Emerick, Megan Champion, Johnny Stockton, and Jon Fine.


Anthony Anurca, Piotr Szewczyk, Sarah Jane Young, Joseph Montelione, and Boja Kragulj.

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