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The River Comes of Age

Arbus Magazine July/Aug Issue: The River Comes of Age

Listen to our discussion on sports in the St. Johns River on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross. Joining me are Dr. Steven Davis, Associate Professor of Education and Director of JU Watersports, and Chris Moling, Director, DRC Sports. Click here to listen.

After eight years our dream has come of age, to activate the St. Johns River and advocating for our precious waterway. In June, July and August with DRC Sports we produced Jacksonville's first St. Johns River based Triathlon Series. Activating the river with 1,400 plus athletes and support personnel.

On September 22nd, 2018 we will produce Up the River Downtown 10k Swim Marathon from Jacksonville University to Riverside Arts Market at the Fuller Warren Bridge. For several years Up the River Downtown has been a group exhibition swim. This year is the first official race!

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