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JaxByJax - Apo Helios Reading

I'll be performing my short story "Apo Helios" at The Studios at Florida School of Holistic Health, 1506 King Street, at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 pm. I'll be giving out free copies.

Event Schedule:

Inspired by the etchings of Mila Furstova. Watch the video here:

Before you come you may want to read the back stories, and more in "All the Angels Come" - An Epic Fairy Tale in the River City.

Etchings by Mila Furstova. Artist and designer for Coldplay’s Ghost Stories album and her new exhibition, “Motherhood.” Learn more at My interview with Mila is at .

Mermaid painting by Christina Boykin.

Mermaid photo by John Jay, and model, Dori Davis.

Photography and other illustrations: Jim Alabiso

For Michael G., Willis, Christina B., Barbara C., Tim F., John J., Beth S., and you.

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