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All the Angels Come... Please welcome our new sponsor along with the just released preview of Chapte

"The city is ripe for an epic fairy tale," Sherry Carter Garbarini

All the Angels Come speaks to the curse of stereotyping, the value of the individual and the blessings of diversity. The cast of characters are all but typical yet carry values that are universal. In the spirit of anthropologist Adolf Bastian’s psychic unity, the angels are better when they are together, a metaphor for all of us."

All the Angels will change you. It is an unforgettable immersive serial novel that places the reader smack in the soul of each character. “I have to say that the chapters that I have read have inspired me to pick up some watermelon at the store, give money to that homeless woman by the riverside when she asked me.” (Sarah Stuart Clarke, writer) Read it to learn why!

"The writing is a character in and of itself."

"I tripped and fell down this hole, enjoying every word on the way. thank you."

"An amalgam of ideas and locations and people and regrets...beautiful writing, high on impact."

On location in Jacksonville, Florida

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