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All the Angels Come 

On Location


The story begins with the origins of William, Jay, Masuyo, Rock and Lieutenant Sharon Holmquist. You may have met them before, a familiar face in a familiar place. I hope you all get to know each other, as a certain city discovers its inherent magic, when all the angels come.

The characters in Angels are inspired by people in my life. Friends, street folk or just someone observed. You might even know some of them. Still the spin is all fiction.


Writing an epic fairytale for a city has me imagining scenes in familiar places. While street names are used, geographic locations are never mentioned in the text. Most of the locations are in Jacksonville. Here are the locations where the scenes take place. Some are easy to pick out, some not so obvious.


If you can match all the locations to chapters one through eight in All the Angels, send me a note. First correct answer for all locations gets a $10 gift certificate to Bold Bean. Yes, there too. 





Feedback and questions welcome.




This month's writing took place at Bold Bean Coffee Roasters and Vagabond Coffee.


Jacksonville Beach

Beach Blvd

Riverside Avenue & Margaret St.

Belle Riverside Apartments

Bold Bean Coffee on Stockton Street

McCoy’s Creek and I95 Bridge


Riverside Arts Market

St. Vincents Hospital

New Orleans at the Florida Avenue Bridge

Cerro de la Popa Church, Cartagena, Columbia

Jacksonville International Airport


Main Street (John T. Alsop) Bridge

Memorial Park


Locations unique to Apos Helios

Northbank Riverwalk

FEC Railroad Northbank Catwalk

A certain home on King and Riverside Ave

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