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1. Gian Bertozzi  (JU to Metro transpo before)

2. Mike Kane       (JU to Metro transpo before)

3. Nat Rosa

4. Kristin Keen

5. Sara Ann Hernandez

6. Chris Terzian
7. Shannon McGrew

8. Ian Cherry

9. Lisa Broadfield

10. Jim Alabiso     (JU to Metro transpo after)

Confirmed ROSTER

Safety Escort Paddlers

1. Steve Manis     (LEAD KAYAK)

2. Lane Manis      (SWEEP KAYAK)

3. Kelly Kinsman Minor

4. Mandy Hunter

5. Laura Evans

6. Kristi Lee Schatz

7. Eion Sausaman

8. Ben Luis Brandao (from Have Kayak Will Travel)

9. Joni Roberts

Click here for Special Escort Guidelines

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