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Have a Hart

On Saturday morning April 21st we did the JumpingFish " St. Johns River Rebel Swim and Paddle" from Downtown to Jacksonville University in challenging weather.

4.2 miles down river in 1 hour 15 minutes.

The Paddle Team: Steve Manis (Lead), Lane Manis (Sweep), Kelly Kinsman Minor, Mandy Hunter, Laura S Evans, Kristi Lee Schatz, Eion Sausaman, Ben Luis Brandao (Have Kayak Will Travel), and Joni Roberts.

The Swim Team:

Gian Bertozzi, Mike Kane, Nat Rosa, Kristin Keen, Sara Ann Hernandez, Chris Terzian, Shannon Nichelle McGrew, Ian Cherry, Lisa Broadfield, Jim Alabiso

Often rough weather is more challenging for the kayak person than the swimmer since they are full on battling opposing wind. Our paddle team was led by Steve Manis, with his guidance we had a safe, fun and on the mark journey as evidenced by the GPS track! We could not do this without them! The swimmers are non other than Duval Ocean Swimmers - DOS of course. I couldn't live without them!

This follows our Equinox River Swim last month where we also experienced rough weather. (see previous post)

Thank you Gian Bertozzi, Mike Kane, and Christopher Mark Moling for helping with transportation.

Thank you Deborah Hernandez for keeping an eye on us, the equipment and the photos!

Thank you Ben Luis Brandao for being there and lending out a kayak.

Big thanks to Dr. Steven Davis and Water Sports at Jacksonville University for their support.

Thank you JU guards for being so great and welcoming! More to come!

And thanks to Christopher Mark Moling at DRC Sports. JumpingFish is working with DRC to produce the river based Jacksonville Triathlon Series in June, July and August; and Up the River Downtown Open Water Marathon in September.

Stay tuned JumpingFish for more event 2018.

Water Sports St. Johns River 2018!

For more information about this event and photo gallery please visit:

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