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March Equinox Sunset River Swim

On the first day of Spring, the March 20th Equinox, nine open water swimmers and seven kayakers made their way 2.3 miles down the St. Johns River from the Fuller Warren Bridge to Metropolitan Park Marina. The event took place at the peak velocity of the ebb tide. In addition, the storm system that passed just in time for the event, left us with over 30 mph fortunately at our backs. This resulted in our fastest St. Johns River Swim ever. the 2.3 miles was completed in 35 minutes! It was also reassuring to see that our safety systems worked perfectly when a kayak turned over. Our kayak escorts were on the spot and handled the situation perfectly. We utilized on-board floating tow ropes, personal flotation devices, marine radios and whistles. Kudos to the kayak escort team. Steve Manis lead us resulting in a track that was right on the mark. Check out our gallery on the website below!

Kayaker Safety Escorts:

Steve Manis (Lead), Lane Manis (Sweep), Kelly Kinsman Minor, Stefani Sodl, Mandy Hunter, Sarah Clarke Stuart, David Murphy (Tow!)

Open Water Swimmers:

Gian Bertozzi, Rick Mann, Korky Klinedinst, Nat Rosa, Santiago Carrizosa, Sara Ann Hernandez, Anthony Duran, Kellie Burns Carney, Jim Alabiso

Moral Support & Assistance:

Joni Roberts, Gian Bertozzi, Rick Mann, Deborah Hernandez


Joni Roberts, Martina Sander, Deborah Hernandez, Carmen Martin

Click here to go to the web page and gallery. GPS Here.

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