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Forty Floors

Coming in 2018 - Forty Floors

“I’m done. Way tired of this corner. If there is life after death, I’d rather be there. Anybody that wants to bounce out of here with me reply by pvt msg.” - Jenny A.

Danny rubs his eyes and rereads the post squinting in the glare beaming off his phone. He shades it with his palm and reads it again. Pedestrians are pissed while he stands on the hot sidewalk obstructing their path. “Jenny,” he thinks. He enters the coffee shop. The place is full, so he sits at a stranger's table without asking. The stranger glares. Danny glares back like he has nothing to lose. The stranger darts out the door, leaving his coffee and art magazine. Danny reads the post once again. “Bounce out,” he thinks and begins thumb typing his reply with his left hand, sipping the stranger's coffee with his right.

to be continued...

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