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All Water is Holy Water

The healing power of water is not a metaphysical phenomenon. It is physical and measurable by fMRI. Immersing oneself in water can be thought of as a reboot. There is no better way to experience “the moment” than to be in water. Try it. The five senses are surrounded; the stress switch turned off, and you become present. Even a minute of being present has the power to heal. Water spills over with of metaphors. One that doubles as literal, is that we are all connected by water. The amount of water on the planet is finite. The earth doesn’t grow more H2O, nor does it go away. We all drink, and pollute the same water. All water touches all water. From the sea, to lakes, streams, and from the clouds over thousands of miles around the globe. We all touch through the water. Mindful reader, you and I. That is why all water is holy water. The Year of the River is just the beginning, as we step mindfully into the Age of Water. - Jim

The photograph was taken by open water swimmer John Fox as we witnessed the last sunrise of 2015. Shortly thereafter we swam a mile up the coast, dolphins leaping in the air. The next morning, we were back to watch the first sunrise of 2016.

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