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Girl, she’s so hard on me

Like mahogany,

She’s so hard on me.  


Girl, she took me down

Tossed me all around


What’s that all about?


I threw up my hands

Try to take it in stride


She’s just a lover not a friend

She won’t break and she won’t bend

She won’t bend

Girl, she’s so hard on me

Like mahogany,

She’s so hard on me.  

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Liner Notes:

Quarantine provided the creative space to write eight pieces. Some on piano, some on guitar. Mike had been coming by and we were playing our songs to each other. He came by a week or so later and asked me to play Mahogany again. He liked it, wanted to produce it, and here we are. The lyrics came at the same time as the melody, pretty much in a trance, looking out the window at King Street and the St. Johns River. I like when it happens like that :) It was all done remotely.

Mike Bernos / AmpleAngst, producer. An Alchimie production. 

Josh Cobb, RockBot Studios, engineer, mix and master.

Jim Alabiso, music and lyrics.

Cyrus Quaranta, AmpleAngst, on keyboards, lead vocals and harmonies.

Daria Apostolova on violin, former violinist at the South Florida Symphony and the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra.

Featuring Dave Eggar on cello. (lucky me!) Dave also wrote the violin part for Daria. You may recognize Dave from his cello leading the way at the top of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida". A virtuoso in many styles on both piano and cello, Eggar has performed, recorded, and arranged for artists in many genres including Phillip Phillips, Tony Bennett, Andrea Bocelli, Frank Ocean, Evanescence,  Fall Out Boy, Patti Smith, Michael Brecker, Dave Sanborn, Amy Winehouse, Foreigner, Harry Belafonte, Meryl Streep, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Beyoncé, Imagine Dragons, John Legend, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Five for Fighting, The Manhattan Transfer, Roberta Flack, Josh Groban, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Fiona Apple, Bon Jovi, Roberta Flack, Carly Simon, and DJ Spooky.

Alchimie Records

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