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Thank you for your comments and for filling the house both nights!! Beyond grateful. Jim

“Congratulations to Jim Alabiso, Barbara Colaciello and the cast of ALL THE ANGELS COME! So exciting to see such a beautiful way of storytelling. The language was rich and layered, the direction inventive and lyrical, the acting powerful and connected, and the addition of Bold City Contemporary Ensemble ... sublime. Thank you to all who made this happen!” - Caryl Butterley

“Jim Alabiso, you wrote a wonderful story. Last night, your words came to life through a talented director and engaging performances of a great cast.” -Jeffrey Spear

“Wow…Such powerful provocative stories. And you could truly feel every emotional word from the entire cast. Far exceeded what I was thinking it might be like. Bravo to all.” - Cinda Sherman

“Excited to see Jim Alabiso’s imagination come to life! Jim Alabiso, each and every member of your cast carried a little bit of your magic with them in this brilliant reading of All the Angels Come. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story, and thank you Barbara Colaciello for channeling the magic so perfectly. Great job to all!” – Tiffany Manning

“I am still reliving and processing your piece today. Thank you for allowing us all to share in your creative passion.” - Kate Stewart

“You are all so talented. I went Friday night then got another ticket to come back Saturday. The story hangs with you and the acting / staging / directing / music brought it to life. Definitely heart opening.”
- Joni Roberts

“Great work by the talented cast, musicians, artists, and crew of "All the Angels Come," an original work by Jim Alabiso with direction by Barbara Colaciello! Terrific art work by Chip Southworth and Marcus Williams!”
- Jeff Smith

“Watched and listened to Jim's touching story.... Barbara got the best from all the actors.... the music was powerful.... So proud that Players by the Sea was able to be part of this experience. The vision of our theatre? To provide talented & creative volunteers opportunities to express themselves artistically. I witnessed it last night.” - David Gowan

“I thought the characters were well drawn and thought provoking as their stories unfolded. The cast delivered strong performances.” - Mary Menard

“Great writing and important story.” – Chris Bleau

“Words cannot adequately express the pride, awe, and joy I felt watching my wife Ashley deliver a beautiful performance as the tragic and uplifting Jay in Jim Alabiso's All the Angels Come. Barbara Colaciello has led a wonderful group in telling this story about some of society's least-loved humans. Cheers to all on a meaningful endeavor and a memorable night of theatre. - Eric Yarham

Kudos to the cast, musicians, visual artists and crew!

Directed by Barbara Colaciello
Produced by Joe Schwarz
Cast: Mal Jones, Ashley Yarham, Nick D'Castro, Jennii A. Tran, Karen Overstreet, Al Emerick, Megan Champion, Johnny Stockton, Jon Fine

Music Produced by Bojana Kragulj with Piotr Szewczyk, Joe Montelione, Sarah Jane Young, Anthony Anurca

Character art by Marcus Williams

Set art by Chip Southworth and Aisha Mcburnie

Sponsored by Arbus Magazine, Snap Fitness and Spice and the Po Boys. Special Thanks to Cinda Sherman, Judy Cooksey Peek, Mike Bernos and Richard Bruce Borders.

Written by Jim Alabiso

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