Leaps and Bounds

December 4, 2015

Received some great emails about LEAPS and Bounds. Ty. The phrase comes from a larger piece I haven’t published yet. The snippet is now on the front page. Leaps happen while I'm daydreaming and the hours stretch for miles. When I stop thinking. Nature illustrates as she takes fearless leaps every moment, and with that example, my heart strives to do the same.


So what gives here. Frankly, it’s been a scary drive, with very little self confidence in the tank. Yet there is all this stuff in this full head that I haven’t been brave enough to open. Paper folders, stacked, digital folders, “stacked”. Sitting in the digital dark because I’m afraid. Afraid of being judged, opinions, loss of self-worth.


Somewhere in the last decade, can’t place the “epiphany”, my head shifted, finding vulnerability a liberating walk to take. Then I don’t have to be afraid anymore. That’s the leap.


Daydreams and bootlegged hours.
Tall grass and blooming flowers.
This heart with all its power,

leaps and bounds.





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